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Lundin Mining Corporation
Eagle Mine

The Eagle Mine located 53 km northwest of Marquette, Michigan, is owned by the Lundin Mining Corporation. The mine is a new state-of-the-art facility. We are excited to be a part of this significant achievement which is going from a greenfield project to a producing underground mine, a sight that has not been seen in this region in many years.

Cementation’s scope of work includes development and production and all underground operations of the mine. The development portion is conventional drill-and-blast utilizing computerized jumbos for improved hole alignment. Contract mining is being carried out using a variation of the longhole stope mining method, incorporating computerized production drills and self-contained cable bolting jumbos. Cementation is also constructing intra-level ventilation and egress raises to facilitate production along with other essential underground installation and construction work. Cementation has completed the mine’s two main 14.5 ft diameter ventilation raises and constructed a secondary egress. These vertical raises were raise bored, and the egress raise was supported prior to installing an Alimak elevator system.

An additional contract to develop Eagle East was awarded to Cementation. This ramp and level development drive was designed to provide access to explore and potentially develop another ore body that would become part of the Eagle complex. High speed development is being achieved along with a great safety record.

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