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True Design-Build Capabilities

Design-Build Overview

Cementation has an established core of engineering excellence. We believe engineering is an integral part of the construction process and that early contractor involvement can improve on project constructability which in turn reduces project risk from both a safety and a technical and commercial perspective. This early involvement can lead to optimization such as fast tracking of the schedule or easier operation and maintenance processes.

The specialist engineering capability within the company provides the opportunity for early design input and detailed design engineering for the projects we build. This design-build approach, we feel, is the best approach for any technically challenging project and provides project schedule opportunities, one point accountability, better constructability and integration of temporary and permanent installations.

Detailed Design

We recognize the importance of early involvement in the engineering process; however, to deliver a true design-build project, Cementation established in-house engineering capacity for detailed design work in a number of areas that are aligned with the mine development and construction work we do. This capacity establishes 'one-point accountability' and provides opportunities to streamline the overall project schedule. Engineering and technical disciplines within the company include mining, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and rock mechanics. Detailed engineering carried out by Cementation includes temporary installations for mine development as well as permanent installations such as shaft design, headframes, hoisting plant installations, portal access and other mine access and support infrastructure.

Scoping, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility

The greatest influences on the budget and schedule of any project are the key decisions made during early engineering. At this stage it is important for a mine owner to know the options available based on current technology and experience. Cementation has carried out many conceptual, scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, providing projects with realistic options, schedules and budgets, all based on safe work practices and current detailed cost estimates supported by actual costs from similar projects.


For specialized permanent mine plant equipment, both engineering design and specifications are critical parts of sourcing and supplying the right equipment for the project. Based on these criteria, we have an established procurement process that includes supplier selection as well as ongoing technical support and quality assurance. Cementation can provide procurement services on our clients' behalf, or we can purchase equipment directly as part of an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) style of contract. This approach simplifies the project management for the Client and can accelerate equipment deliveries on schedule critical items.

Technical Support

Cementation provides a range of technical support services to both operating projects and for Clients in general. Services include inspection of existing installations, quality assurance services, and Client support with regard to project evaluation and decisions. Another area where our engineering group has added value is in peer review of studies carried out by consulting firms. With our specialist knowledge in mine development, such peer reviews can be very beneficial to early project engineering.


Whether it is sinking the deepest shaft outside of South Africa or mine development north of the Arctic Circle, Cementation has established a reputation for successfully completing technically challenging projects. In any project the most significant element in terms of risk is the construction. Whether it is ramp development, shaft sinking, raise boring or mine construction, success depends on the people carrying out the work. As an employer of choice, Cementation brings an experienced and dedicated management team and workforce to each project. Carrying out the work as part of a design-build process provides Cementation with the opportunity to advance constructability reviews and integrate engineering and construction teams to streamline the construction process and mitigate the safety and the commercial risks inherent in any major project.


The commissioning of permanent plants is a natural extension of both the detailed engineering design and the construction and installation of these facilities. Cementation's engineering and technical staff is experienced in the commissioning of many types of material handling systems; including, hoisting plants, conveying systems, load outs, and other critical elements of any underground production operation.

Mine Operations

In addition to Cementation's expertise in mine building, the company has carried out various elements of ongoing production. These services include operation of shafts and hoisting plants, ongoing operation and maintenance of material handling systems, production development, and ore production. Contract mining, or toll mining as it is called in some areas of the world, is a significant portion of the work volume carried out by the global Cementation Mining Group.

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

The Cementation group is recognized as a global leader in hard rock underground mine development. This work includes shaft sinking, lateral and ramp development, raise boring, mechanized raising, and the construction and installation of underground equipment and facilities. With the depth of engineering capability within the company and the technical 'hands on' expertise, Cementation can provide full service on a variety of mine access and mine construction projects by way of an EPC approach to leverage the design-build and procurement management strengths. The company has successfully carried out a number of major EPC projects primarily in the area of shaft sinking and shaft development, but the list also includes ramp access mines.


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