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An Integrated Team Approach

Capabilities Overview

Structured to handle technically challenging projects, Cementation is actively engaged in the design and construction of complex underground infrastructures, providing a full range of mine development and construction services for the underground mining industry. All projects are supported by our integrated team of multi-disciplined engineers and designers, technical experts, and experienced personnel to carry out the work.

Shaft Sinking

The Cementation Mining Group is recognized as one of the premier shaft sinking contractors in the world. Our substantial engineering capability provides a true in-house design-build service which helps to streamline complex projects. Our project portfolio includes traditional drill & blast shaft and winze excavations as well as borehole hoisting systems using our large diameter capacity raise bore machines.

Mine Development

Cementation is engaged in extensive lateral and ramp development work in some of the world's most extreme climates. Employing our own gear or that of our Clients', current projects range from substantial new mine developments to mine expansion and refurbishing work.

Raise Boring

Cementation introduced large diameter hard rock raise boring into Canada at Goldcorp's Red Lake Gold Mines. This bored shaft was completed in 2006 and established a record for the largest diameter and longest single pass raise bored in the Canadian Shield with a raise of 694 m in length and 5.52 m in diameter.

Cementation's current North American fleet consists of 4 drills; the Robbins 97R, the Robbins 123R and two Strata 950 drills. The Strata 950 is designed and built within the Cementation Mining Group and is our most powerful raise drill. Depending on rock type and conditions, this equipment is capable of raises up to 1000 m in length and 6 m in diameter.

The Cementation Mining Group is the largest raise boring contractor in the world with a fleet of over 50 raise drills.

Mechanized Raising

Cementation carries out mechanized raise development using both pneumatic and diesel mechanized equipment. Project work includes raises for ventilation, ore and waste passes, pilot and slash raise work, and specialty raise excavation for bins and civil applications.

Engineering Studies

From trade-off studies for material handling systems to feasibility studies involving underground design and infrastructure, Cementation's decades of experience in shaft sinking, construction, development and production deliver results that miners can bank on.

Our study managers are capable of leading an overall study or a portion of a study throughout a project's life cycle.

Our engineers can take the study design and produce detailed engineering layouts and drawings for Issue for Tender or Issue for Construction.

Our operations team can construct and deliver your project through an Engineer, Procure and Construct arrangement providing single source responsibility for your project.

Engineering Studies


Cementation's engineers and designers have been involved in many major shaft infrastructure projects. Our engineering expertise plays a critical role in our ability to offer design-build services for underground mine and construction projects.

We participate in concept and pre-feasibility studies through to the preparation of bankable documents and detailed engineering. Our design work includes headframes, hoist rooms, shafts, underground installations and material handling systems.

Engineering Excellence

Underground Construction

Cementation has significant capability in underground construction and installation for mining and civil applications. Projects include material handling systems involving conveyors and crushers, bin excavations and linings, mine dewatering systems, shaft installations and refurbishments, and various other underground infrastructure installations.

Contract Mining

Cementation has carried out a range of contract mining projects for Clients. From complete operation of the underground mine to specialty stopes and pillar mining, Cementation has an experienced team to carry out contract mining services.


The design of a mine's hoisting plant is complex, capital costs are substantial and construction schedules can be critical. Cementation has assembled a team of engineers and technicians to lead the development, specification and installation of a hoist plant from the first concept to commissioning. For projects requiring new installations, equipment upgrade services, or specialized technical support, Cementation with our in-house experience and expertise will successfully deliver your project safely within budget and schedule.

Hoisting Excellence

Project Management &
Construction Management Services

Project management and construction management services are delivered through the Merit Consultants International group. With over 30 years serving the mining and resource industry, Merit’s main focus is managing mine capital surface infrastructure projects for both open pit and underground mines. From project scoping studies through to plant start-ups, projects are supported by a “hands-on” home office team and a full construction management team on site. To learn more about the project and construction management services available through Merit, please visit

Merit Capabilities


In 1914 Albert Francois patented the Cementation Process which today the mining industry knows as grouting. In 1919 the Cementation Company was formed to introduce and apply grouting techniques within the mining industry and the rest is history. Since 1919 the Cementation group has worked on projects around the world, applying innovative solutions to technically challenging projects. Today we still embrace the innovative spirit which was the origin of the company.


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