Health & Safety Policy Statement

January 2024

The Management of Cementation Canada Inc. are committed to preserving the health and safety of our employees, our Clients’ employees and any other personnel that interact with our operations.

This commitment has resulted in establishing our ultimate goal of zero harm.

We expect our employees to be committed to safety, and to demonstrate their commitment on a daily basis through their actions and involvement in their work and the company safety programs and initiatives, and in strict adherence to rules, regulations, and other requirements, such as company standards, work instructions and procedures. We encourage our employees to take safe work practices home with them and get their families involved in living healthy and safe.

We will foster a culture conducive to reporting of unsafe acts or conditions in order that we may identify and negate those conditions before injuries occur.

We develop and maintain site specific, comprehensive health and safety programs for each of our projects and offices. We emphasize proper implementation of our programs, and expect participation by all of our employees. We promote proactive health and safety programs and initiatives and will work towards the continuous improvement of those programs.

We expect our safety professionals and our management and supervision to be passionate about health and safety, and to lead by example.

We are committed to health and safety because our ethics dictate that the people involved in our projects should leave work each day unharmed, because injuries in the workplace are unacceptable. We are committed to safety because it is the right way to work.