Alamos Gold Inc.

Young-Davidson Project

The Young-Davidson project is an Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) project that Cementation is currently... MORE

Compass Minerals

Goderich Mine

Compass Mineral’s Goderich mine is a long term underground salt mine located on the East... MORE


Porcupine Gold Mines – Hoyle Deep #2 Winze Project

Cementation was originally awarded and carried out the design engineering work for the Hoyle Deep... MORE

Goldcorp Inc.

Red Lake Gold Mines Project

The Red Lake Gold Mines, located in Northwestern Ontario, is owned and operated by Goldcorp... MORE

Gowest Gold Ltd.

Bradshaw Project

GoWest’s Bradshaw Project is an exciting gold exploration project north of Timmins, Ontario. Cementation was... MORE

Hecla Mining Company

Lucky Friday #4 Shaft Project

Cementation carried out the design and development of the #4 shaft winze at the Lucky... MORE

Lundin Mining Corporation

Eagle Mine

The Eagle Mine located 53 km northwest of Marquette, Michigan, is owned by the Lundin... MORE

Nevada Copper, Inc.

Pumpkin Hollow Mine East Shaft Project

The Pumpkin Hollow Mine located 15 km southeast of Yerington, Nevada, is owned by Nevada... MORE

New Gold Inc.

New Afton Project

Cementation previously carried out pre-production underground development work for New Gold at its New Afton... MORE


Picadilly Project

Cementation started work on Potashcorp’s Picadilly project near Sussex, New Brunswick in May of 2008.... MORE

Resolution Copper Mining

Resolution Copper Project

In 2006 Cementation was awarded the Resolution Project in Arizona, which is operated by Resolution... MORE

The Long Now Foundation

Clock One Project

The Clock One project was a unique excavation involving both raise boring and drill and... MORE


Totten Mine Project

Totten Mine is located in Worthington, Ontario, 15 km west of Sudbury. Concurrent with the... MORE

Xstrata Copper

Kidd Mine D No. 4 Shaft

The Kidd Mine D No. 4 Shaft was a design-build sinking project for Xstrata Copper... MORE

Xstrata Nickel

Nickel Rim South Project

The Nickel Rim South (NRS) Mine is located near Sudbury, Ontario. Structured as an alliance... MORE