Pretium Resources Inc.

Brucejack Gold Project

Brucejack is located in northwestern British Columbia, approximately 65 kilometers north of Stewart, and is owned by Pretium Resources Inc.

Cementation’s development scope of work involved 12,000 m of ramp and lateral development, 1000 m of raising, and crusher/bin excavation. Construction scope of work involved the material handling system which included the installation of grizzly, crusher, and conveyor system. In addition to the material handling system, all permanent infrastructure which included the electrical system, paste fill system, dewatering system, fuel bay, explosive storages, and refuge station.

High speed development was key to early production targets and Cementation crews carried out in the order of 825m per month of development to advance the project. Construction of the crusher was also critical path and the schedule was successfully accelerated to support Pretium’s early production dates.

Brucejack Gold Project

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