Indigenous Mental Health and EFAP Services

Cementation Canada is pleased to partner with Noojimo Health, Turtle Island’s first All-Indigenous Virtual Mental Wellness Clinic, to deliver mental health support for Indigenous employees and their family members. 

Noojimo Health comprises all Indigenous registered care providers that blend Western treatment modalities with traditional ways of knowing, being, and doing. Noojimo’s circle of Indigenous clinicians share a common vision to help Indigenous people achieve their version of Mino Bimaadiziwin (the Good Life).  

Cementation’s Indigenous employees and their family members can engage in culturally safe virtual counselling sessions facilitated by Noojimo’s Circle of Care.  

Cementation offers comprehensive employee and family assistance program options for all its employees. This recent partnership reflects our dedication to advancing a supportive, inclusive, and positive work environment.  

Learn more about Noojimo Health at 


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