Indigenous Partnerships

Cementation is committed to developing a working relationship with local Indigenous governments and their Communities. We are committed to building capacity and ensuring communities are provided opportunities for their citizens and businesses.

We establish partnerships with Indigenous governments and Communities to form long-term relationships. These partnerships are founded on trust and respect, culture and experience and are guided by the following objectives:

  • Provide career opportunities for Indigenous Peoples
  • Benefit the community and mine owner through local labour force training
  • Communicate a better understanding of mining to encourage young people to consider mining as a career
  • Establish scholarships for Indigenous students in the Federated School of Mines Program and other indigenous institutions
  • Support local Indigenous businesses through unbundling of services on mining projects
  • Work with the community to build capacity


Indigenous Policy Statement

Cementation Americas respects the rights of ancestral Indigenous peoples and we strive for Indigenous inclusion on the projects we execute for the mining industry. Cementation views that partnerships with the local Indigenous communities and mining companies should be based on trust and respect. Our goal is to respect the traditional lands of these communities while providing benefit and opportunity for all its citizens and local businesses. We recognize the importance of sustainable gains in employment and business as a direct result of the relationships built between Cementation and the Indigenous communities.

Cementation is committed to work closely with both the local communities and our clients – the mine owner to support and align any aspects of our agreement with that of an IBA or other benefit agreement that may be in place between the local community and the mine owner. We are there to work with both groups to deliver a successful project to the mine owner and at the same time maximize benefits and opportunities for the local Indigenous communities and their citizens.

Cementation will work with the Indigenous communities to promote economic benefits by providing opportunities that offer the ability to participate in the procurement of goods and services in support of Cementation operational and project requirements. Cementation understands the importance of capacity building for the local communities and our commitment extends to all citizens and businesses within these areas.

New Miner Training Program (NMTP) brochureCementation’s primary focus through these partnerships is our commitment to provide training and employment opportunities, positive Indigenous community relations, sustainable Indigenous business development and creating the awareness of opportunities within the mining industry through participation in community and educational fairs. We recognize the importance of the youth and our ability to educate them about the opportunities that exist for them within the mining industry. Through training and employment opportunities, Cementation recognizes the long-term benefit for both the local community citizens and the mining companies.

Cementation embraces a cultural norm that invites the full participation of Indigenous peoples into all aspects of the business operations and where our leadership and employees are welcoming of Indigenous peoples, their experience and outlooks. We value diversity.

Our mission is to earn the distinction of being the employer of choice for all Indigenous communities.

Partnerships Built on Trust and Respect for Community, Safety and the Environment brochure