Core Values and Respect

One of Cementation’s core values is giving employees every opportunity to succeed, within our business and in life and we strive to treat all employees with dignity and respect at all times.  At every corporate office, and at every job site.

Respect is at the foundation of everything we do as an employer and we consciously endeavour to create an environment that values the unique contribution of every single employee.  We appreciate differences in age, ethnicity, Indigenous origin or heritage, gender, physical attributes, beliefs, language, sexual orientation, education, nationality, social background and culture and all other personal characteristics that make all of us unique. We recognize that the more diverse our employee demographic is, the more successful the company will be, and the more enriched our employees lives will be.

Our diversity and inclusion journey started in 2018 with a mandate from Justin Oleson, President of Cementation Americas.  At that time, a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group was established, with diverse representation from various aspects of the business, to carry out the mandate and to lead the company by championing diversity and inclusion efforts, by challenging the status quo and by focusing on continuous improvement.  This D&I Working Group is still active today, and continues to champion these efforts.  The group meets quarterly to discuss remaining barriers that exist and how to overcome them and also it’s an opportunity for members to share their own personal experiences and collectively, recommendations for continuous improvement are made to the Executive Team.

Group of Workers at Cementation