Diversity and Inclusion in Action

Diversity and inclusion strides we have made include the following:

  • Providing diversity and inclusion awareness training “Respecting and Valuing Diversity and Inclusion at Cementation” to all existing employees and incorporating this training into onboarding for all new employees.   
  • Creating customized diversity and inclusion training for leaders throughout the company that provides the skills, knowledge and abilities on how to create a path to inclusive leadership.   
  • Continually striving to ensure visible minorities and underrepresented groups are provided opportunities in our company, both at project sites and corporate offices.  
  • Supporting procurement from companies owned/operated by Indigenous Peoples, women and other under-represented groups across our operations and within the communities we work.
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue where employees can safely share their perspectives and experiences with the goal of building awareness and a more inclusive culture.
  • Investing in systems to track data on under-represented employee groups within Cementation.
  • Collaborating with clients, industry peers, vendors and other companies to share best practices and enhance inclusion and diversity across the mining sector and beyond.

Man with Hardhat Working in Shop