Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is an integral part of our business model at Cementation Americas.

As a standalone company, we believe in the power of creating a viable and favourable long-term environment for our people, projects, communities, and the planet. We are committed to being transparent, responsible, and accountable to our partners and stakeholders to produce results-driven solutions for our transformational industry.

Cementation Americas is dedicated to co-developing initiatives and practices with our clients through collaboration that will drive project performance and value and amplify our collective impact.

Our skilled teams are strong advocates of industry innovation.  We are also making advancements to reduce our carbon footprint, promote responsible consumption and production, and support access to affordable and clean energy, as well as clean water and sanitation.

Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond climate action. We are actively seeking ways to explore how we can co-develop the conditions for better living with our partners and stakeholders by co-generating opportunities for capacity development and economic growth, through relationship-driven partnerships, ethical supply-chain practices, and fair governance. In partnership with our stakeholders, we are reimagining how our teams and the broader population can promote fair and equitable conditions to achieve improved health and well-being, gender equality, and quality education.

We are committed to finding new ways to take action to protect our people and our planet.